Fireshell® F1E

Fireshell® F1E is an exterior, waterborne, non hazardous, selfpriming, flexible intumescent coating.

Fireshell® provides an ignition and flame spread barrier on external combustible surfaces and achieves AS3959:2018 bushfire resting timber compliance including accelerated weathering on softwoods and non-compliant hardwoods in BAL12.5, BAL19 & BAL29 areas. Fireshell® F1E is ISO 5660 compliant for external timber cladding and utilised for a range of risk reduction solutions for external combustible surfaces.

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  • Joists, posts, and bearers
  • Decking subfloor timbers
  • Stair stringers
  • Weatherboards and facia
  • Timber fences and posts
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Risk reduction solutions
  • Protection of infrastructure
  • Any external combustible surface requiring an ignition barrier


  • Water-based LOW VOC
  • Extreme exterior performance
  • Self-priming, flexible coating
  • Simple application, brush, roll, spray
  • Allows the use of timber in bushfire zones
  • Extensive lab and field testing
  • AS3959:2018 compliant
  • ISO5660 compliant
  • Ignition barrier technology
  • Compatible with approved topcoats

Fire Performance

  • AS3959:2018 compliance
  • ASTM 2898 D Method B
  • ISO5660-1 and compliant with the requirements of C/AS1 and C/AS2 to achieve a Type A Non-Combustibility classification for External Cladding
  • AS3837 and Ignition barrier compliance
  • Multiple ASTM weathering outcomes

Contact EXFIRE for our full suite of test reports and assessments.

Confirm with your certifying body prior to application that the F1E system is suitable to meet the fire rating requirements on your project.

AS3959 Compliance: BAL12.5, BAL19 BAL29 Solutions

A breakthrough external coating solution that reclassifies non-compliant timbers as bushfire resistant. Utilise pine, Cedar and other softwoods in BAL 12.5, BAL 19 and BAL29 Areas.

Protect exposed timber surfaces from bushfire attacks.

Specify Fireshell® F1E where a bushfire-resistant timber classification in BAL12.5 BAL19 or BAL29 areas is required and the use of Pine, Cedar or other non-compliant timber species is preferred. An ideal solution for BAL29 compliance on treated pine joists, posts and bearers for decking and pergola subfloor.

Fireshell® F1E is a highly durable coating designed for fully exposed long-term protection of timber surfaces.

F1E for External Cladding

Designed to protect weatherboards from ignition and flame spread.

Fireshell® F1E Pigmented Exterior Intumescent Fire Protection Coating is a breakthrough technology allowing the use of timber in bushfire zones and proximity to boundary scenarios.

Protect external cladding

Fireshell® F1E’s intumescent technology is designed to protect exterior timber substrates and reduce the spread of flame from one building to another and vertically up a multi-storey building. The coating forms thick char layer insulating the substrate from heat., preventing ignition or flame spread on the coated surface.

Specify Fireshell® F1E over timber substrates when a noncombustible Type A or Type B cladding classification is required. This is typically when the wall is within 1m of a boundary line or the height of the wall is over 10m.

It is a highly durable and flexible product, designed for external use as an industrial coating. The systems performance under ISO 5660 for external timber cladding is allowing its use as an alternate solution for a range of boundary compliance requirements. Contact Exfire to discuss your specific project’


In addition to AS3959 compliance Fireshell® F1E Achieves a Type A noncombustibility fire rating for timber cladding as required by C/AS1 Table 5.1 and C/AS2 Clause 5.8 and Appendix C7.1 . This is generally required within 1m of a boundary line, walls over 10m in height or on certain risk type buildings such as SI (care and detention).

Note this will be outlined in your project fire report.

Substrate Requirements

A Type A fire rating is achievable on timber substrates with a minimum thickness of ≥12mm and density of ≥370kg/m3.

This includes timber species such as Western Red Cedar, Pine Radiata, thermally modified timbers i.e. Vulcan, Taiga and Taxon, as well as Accoya.

Fireshell® F1E is a self-priming product, and is applied direct to the timber substrate.


Fireshell® F1E does not require a topcoat for fire classification to be achieved, or for the durability of the system. We do suggest specifying the Wattyl Solagard for a choice of finish colour and reduced maintenance of the intumescent.


Fireshell® F1E can be applied either on or offsite contact us for one of our preferred applicators. Either spray application or brush and roller application is available. For the best possible finish, spray application via a preferred applicator is advised.

Please note that the intumescent must be left for 3 weeks to cure before an acrylic topcoat is applied. Failure to do so may result in bubbling of the topcoat.


Fireshell® F1E is a water-based intumescent.

It has low VOCs of 19g/L.

Reduce the use of non-environmentally sustainable products to achieve non-combustible cladding by using Fireshell® F1E on timber cladding.

Risk Mitigation

If your project does not require a Type A non-combustibility or AS3959 classification on your timber through regulation, this system can be used for risk reduction and in some cases to lower your insurance premiums. Get in touch to discuss further.

Bushfire compliant solutions
Decking subfloor and pergola framing. Joists posts bearers.Utilise treated pine in BAL29 areas, and leave subfloor exposed.400microns DFTAS3959:
BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
Application of joists, post and bearers prior to constructionEfficient simple process. Cost effective compared to alternatives of hardwood, steel.400microns DFTAS3959: BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
Utilise weather-boards 400mm from ground or deck surface. BAL29 applications for weather-board and timber claddingMatch existing timber cladding. Utilise pine and cedar weatherboards.400microns DFTAS3959: BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
Stair stringers, beams, exposed rafters, retaining walls and fencesUtilise treated pine in BAL12.5, BAL19 and BAL 29 applications Logical efficient solution to meet code compliance.400microns DFTAS3959: BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
General Risk Reduction Solutions for new and existing timber surfaces and heritage applicationsTreat new and existing timber surfaces to reduce risk of ignition and flame spread.400microns DFTAS3959: BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
ISO 5660 external timber cladding compliance and alternate solution for proximity to boundary and combustibility requirementsLogical solution for ignition and flame spread risk of timber cladding. Retain existing substrates. Utilise timber.400microns DFTAS3959: BAL12.5, BAL 19, BAL29, ASTM D 2898, Method B
Certification AS3959:2018 BAL12.5, BAL19 and BAL29 applications
PineAS3959Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIROTest Certificate400 microns (0.4 mm)
CedarAS3959Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIROTest Certificate✔ ( A )400 microns (0.4 mm)
OregonAS3959Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIROCSIRO Assessment✔ ( A )400 microns (0.4 mm)
Douglas FirAS3959 ASTM E84Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIRO INTERTEKCSIRO Assessment Test Certificate✔ ( A )400 microns (0.4 mm)
Vic AshAS3959Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIROCSIRO Assessment✔ ( A )400 microns (0.4 mm)
Tasmanian OakAS3959Bushfire resistant timber applicationBAL29CSIROCSIRO Assessment✔ ( A )400 microns (0.4 mm)

( A ) = CSIRO Weathering Assessment Report | BAL = Bushfire Attack Level | DFT = Dry Film Thickness


For a full list of assessed timbers including ISO 5660 compliance contact EXFIRE for more information. Accelerated weathering reports and assessments to ASTM D 2898 (Method B) as required in AS3959. All test reports, certificates and assessments are available on request.

Confirm with your certifying body that the Fireshell® F1E system meets your project requirements prior to application and is fit for purpose. Always read the Technical Datasheet in full prior to application. Contact EXFIRE with any questions.

Bushfire-resisting timber is a timber that is deemed to be acceptable to withstand exposure up to a BAL—29 condition.

The F1E system was developed to allow a simple application process by brush roll or airless spray. It is important that the required thickness is achieved. Where it is not viable to have a qualified tradesman apply the coating you must consult with your certifying body to ensure they are satisfied with you applying the coating.

Detailed application guidelines are contained in the TDS and a Wet Film Thickness Gauge (tool that allows to easily gauge the thickness of the coating as you apply it) is included with each shipment.

For more information specifications or advice contact our knowledgeable team to discuss your project

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