Achieving the performance requirements without having to remove existing cladding.


Fireshell F1E offers a fire resistant paint application to treat the existing surfaces and bring them up to a compliant system for Type A within 1m from the boundary.


Our client could retain existing cladding and achieve their required aesthetic for the build. Fireshell F1E offering a long term exterior fire resistant coating solution.


Fireshell® F1E

Fireshell® F1E is an exterior, waterborne, non-hazardous, self-priming, flexible intumescent coating.

It provides an ignition and flame spread barrier on external combustible surfaces. Achieves AS3959 bushfire resting timber compliance including accelerated weathering compliance for softwoods BAL12.5, BAL19 & BAL29. ISO 5660 compliant for external timber cladding and a range of risk reduction solutions for external combustible surfaces.

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