Temprotex F1ER

Temprotex® F1ER is an high performance water based, fast drying, sprayable coating for use on car and truck bodies, plastic/composite panels, engine parts, flexible lines and hoses, HDEP, GRP, fibreglass, carbon fibre and almost any other composite surface. Heat insulating, vibration resistant, ductile, waterproof, nonflammable coating. Creates an ignition barrier on thermosets and other flammable, ductile items as well as reducing core temperatures.

Also effective fire/smoke protection on roll cage foam, padding, blankets, hoses, grommets and poly or silicone-based flammable components. Temprotex® F1ER helps keep drivers safe from fire, heat and smoke.

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  • Fire Trucks and bush fire response vehicles -combustible surface protection
  • Bus and truck engine bay ignition barrier solutions. Stops fires starting
  • Risk reduction solutions for combustible components and car bodies in the racing industry
  • Mining trucks, vehicles, and machinery; risk reduction and ignition barrier solutions for combustible surfaces
  • Ignition and thermal barrier, solutions for GRP, HDEP, PE, Fibreglass, Carbon fibre and a range of other plastics, cables, and composite materials.
  • Thermal shock mitigation for concrete surfaces reduces the chance of early spoiling in rapid-fire scenarios.
  • Thermal insulation performance for composite materials reduces the risk of structure integrity loss in fire scenarios.


Temprotex F1ER is a specially formulated multipurpose product for fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar, Nomex, HDEP, PE and many more combustible surfaces.
SMART Coatings technology- liquid fires and vapour fire-blocking properties.

  • Creates revolutionary fire protection in extreme fire conditions
  • Intumescent technology reacts during flareups for
    an extended protection times
  • Exceptional fire extinguishing performance on
    liquid fires
  • Fast drying for same-day applications
  • Simple application by brush and roll or airless spray.
  • Extreme exterior performance and water resistance.
  • LOW VOC Water based

Fire Performance

  • SFI 54.1 Approved fire extinguishing coating
  • Thermal Flame Barrier – SFI approved
  • Vapour Fire Performance SFI approved
  • ABYC 33.20.6 / Fuel Tank Fire Test – ISO 21487
  • ASTM weathering performance compliance (various)

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Temprotex™ F1ER

Confirm with your certifying body prior to application that the F1ER system is suitable to meet the fire rating requirements on your project.

Fire extinguishing coating technology

Temprotex F1ER is setting a new standard in flexible extreme-duty intumescent coatings for combustible vehicle parts and composite materials.
Easily applied to complex surfaces, Temprotex F1ER offers a breakthrough solution for protecting plastics and composite materials from fire, mitigating ignition sources and preventing flame spread.
Ignition barrier compliant solutions
Ignition BarrierProductWFTDFTCoatsTheoretical spread rate
Plastics, foams &
Composits SFI- FEC
TEMPORTEX ® F1ER900µm500µmSpray:
2 Coats @ 450µm WFT per coat
1.2m2/L @ 900µm WFT
Risk reduction solutionTEMPORTEX ® F1ER450µm250µmSpray:
1 Coat @ 450µm WFT per coat
2.4m2/L @ 450µm WFT

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