Leading the way.

EXFIRE and its team have been at the forefront of ignition barrier coating solutions in Australia for the past 10 years. We love solving problems! We strive to source and develop the worlds best technology and solutions for Australian industries.

Utilise our coatings to enhance your existing building systems or work with us to develop customised coating solutions to meet your scope of works. We can assist in the design development, testing and path to market for new solutions.

Our coatings are being utilised into more and more spaces so if you need protection to external combustible surfaces EXFIRE and its technology should have you covered.

Creating real world solutions.

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of this space is working with customers creating real-world solutions that actively protect assets from ignition, flame, spread and direct bushfire attack.

The Fireshell, Temprotex and now the StructureSaver Technologies are setting the benchmark for this type of protection and it’s exciting to see the systems exceeding customer and industry expectations.

Cameron Watkin
Director - EXFIRE

In-depth industry knowledge.

EXFIRE’s team has a in depth knowledge of the fire testing sector with solid working relationships with Australia’s leading fire testing facilities and Fire Engineers.

Our network of preferred applicators are the leaders in their field, passionate about coatings and spraying coatings, our go to for complex application questions. This group of people scattered around Australia are a wealth of knowledge and experience and we feel privileged to have them involved with our technology. They thrive on an application challenge, we have given them plenty over the years! They are a big part in how we develop any complex scope of works.

Reducing risk is our business.

If you need to mitigate risks of ignition and flame spread to any combustible surface, no matter the environment or logistical challenges, EXFIRE can help and we look forward to assisting you on your next project.

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