EXFIRE and its team have been at the forefront of ignition barrier coating solutions in Australia for the past 10 years. We love solving problems! We strive to source and develop the world’s best technology for Australian industries.

The Australian EXFIRE team has hubs in Sydney, the Central Coast and Melbourne; with knowledgeable distributors and applicators nationwide. EXFIRE works with leading manufacturers to develop solutions specific to the Australian climate, conditions and building code requirements. Our solutions are tested in Australia and developed here to meet the needs of the industry. We are now not only leading the way in Australia but the rest of the world.

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Where we excel.

The Fireshell® F1E , Temprotex FIER and now the Structure Saver® HD technology continue to set the benchmark for exterior intumescent water-based coatings for the protection of external combustible surfaces. Realistic, efficient, alternatives to meet code requirements for AS3959 and ISO 5660 applications.

Due to Fireshell® F1E’s success as a solution for compliance for AS3959 and its exceptional external weathering and fire protection performance for residential construction applications, it is now utilised to protect timber bridges, walkways, platforms, utility poles and a number of external combustible surfaces on large infrastructure projects nationwide.


Solution focused.

Our solutions are industrial by nature – they are robust, high-performance long-term external fire protection solutions.

EXFIRE’s solutions offer real-world intumescent coating solutions for ignition and flame spread barrier requirements, providing code compliance and risk reduction and asset protection solutions that set the benchmark in the lab and perform in the field when it counts. Stop ignition stop flame spread and stop structural damage to the substrate.

Our solutions are protecting Australian homes, buildings, heritage structures, utility poles, mine sites, manufacturing and storage facilities, bridges, and vehicles.

We are constantly innovating with an agile, skilled and passionate team.

Building community.

Since EXFIRE’s foundation in 2012, we have developed close relationships with some of the industry’s leading professionals. We have an in-depth knowledge of the passive fire industry; including product and solution development and testing.  With a recognised applicator network nationwide and a number of groundbreaking ignition barrier and asset protection / risk reduction solutions in the wings, we are all about developing custom solutions to meet your specific project or industry requirements.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can assist you on your next project to stop ignition and flame spread on combustible surfaces, reduce risk and protect assets from fire.

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The Industry has it's say!

The Fireshell® F1E paint has been used by Howley Construction on various projects along the surf coast dating back to 2016. The product is of the highest quality, as is the friendly and reliable service from Chris and the entire EXFIRE team.

John Howley
Howley Construction, Lorne

The Fireshell F1E paint has been used by howley construction on various projects along the surf coast dating back to 2016. The product is of the highest quality, as is the friendly and reliable service from Chris and the entire EXFIRE team.

Tom Coupe

Fireshell F1E always comes first to mind when we are providing bushfire advice for building upgrades or rectification works in bushfire prone areas. Fireshell F1E is often the simplest and most effective solution for achieving compliance with bushfire requirements, especially for subfloors of decks. Cameron is always ready to provide timely expert advice on the application of the product, and his knowledge of all the fine details is exceptional.

Catherine Gorrie
Accredited Bushfire Planning and Design Practitioner

We have used The Fireshell F1E paint on a number of projects the last 3 years, high quality product and always knowledgeable friendly advice.

Matt Mcgregor
Central Coast Builder

We partnered with Cameron and the team approximately twelve months ago. EXFIRE are very proactive in supporting industry events to educate our clients on code compliance and risk reduction. This has greatly assisted in building demand for this leading system. The product is superior in performance and is supported by the subject matter expertise of the EXFIRE team.

Darren Sylvester
Group Director - Sales & Product, Crowies Paints

On point advice and a much needed solution to constructing with treated pine in BAL29, big thanks to the team their for the extra effort

N. Chilman
Chilman Projects. QLD

Sydney Trains (TfNSW) has been using Fireshell F1E on our large scale infrastructure projects since 2014. Fireshell F1E has proven to be the optimal solution for the Sydney Harbour Bridge deck upgrade project. It satisfies our primary purpose of providing unparalleled fire resistive properties to our historic timber decking whilst also being easy to work with. The paint we first applied six years ago has been exposed to the elements up to today and still maintains its integrity.

Francis Atanacio
Transport Shared Services, Transport for NSW

Our recent scope asked for an exterior intumescent coating over the ‘tongue-In-groove wall, as it was situated in a bush-fire zone. The most suited system for this application we found was the Fireshell F1E coating from EXFIRE. They delivered the material on time and provided excellent after sale service to make sure we got the application up and running quickly. We applied the Fireshell F1E, with no problems whatsoever. Being a water-based product, it was so easy to work with the project was completed on-time and met all requirements from the client.

Blair Hamilton
Director - Stywill Texture Coating Pty Ltd

In our experience Fireshell F1E is the only exterior grade intumescent coating system we can recommend with absolute confidence to our clients. FIRESHELL F1E has proven on many occasions to be the only true exterior water based intumescent for long term external exposure on timber. Ideally suited for bridges, utility poles and exposed timber structures.

Nathan Lenane
Director - LPC Pty Ltd

For more information, specifications or advice contact our knowledgeable team at EXFIRE to discuss your project.

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