Preserve some existing surfaces and match new cladding whilst achieving the required ignition and flame spread performances.


Fireshell F1E was applied to the existing timber cladding, posts, facia and window frames to achieve a suitable ignition barrier on the surfaces. The surfaces were given a topcoat to suit the specific colour requirements of the base.


The Fireshell F1E offered a cost-effective and efficient solution to achieve these requirements whilst also complying with bushfire resting timber requirements under AS3959.



Fireshell® F1E

Fireshell® F1E is an exterior, waterborne, non-hazardous, self-priming, flexible intumescent coating.

It provides an ignition and flame spread barrier on external combustible surfaces. Achieves AS3959 bushfire resting timber compliance including accelerated weathering compliance for softwoods BAL12.5, BAL19 & BAL29. ISO 5660 compliant for external timber cladding and a range of risk reduction solutions for external combustible surfaces.

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