The coating solution needed to be exterior grade, flexible, hardwearing and offering intumescent insulation performance in the event of exposure to flame. Components would need to be able to be removed and sprayed to achieve a suitable finish as well as easily carry out spot repairs as needed.


The Temprotex F1ER extreme duty ignition barrier coating is the only system currently available which is able to meet all these requirements. It is specifically designed to be spray applied to vehicle components. The system offers a complete ignition barrier to the coated surfaces. Frontline has a custom spray booth set up onsite where components can be easily sprayed and dried prior to fitting back onto the vehicles.


The Temprotex F1ER allows Frontline to set a new standard in ignition barrier coating solutions on combustible components for its truck builds. Project specifications can be efficiently met to reduce the risk of combustible surface ignition and failure points, thereby increasing  the safety of passengers and trucks.


Temprotex® F1ER

Temprotex® F1ER is a high-performance water-based, fast-drying, sprayable coating for use on car and truck bodies, plastic/composite panels, engine parts, flexible lines and hoses, HDEP, GRP, fibreglass, carbon fibre and almost any other composite surface.

Heat insulating, vibration resistant, ductile, waterproof, nonflammable intumescent coating. Creates an ignition barrier on thermosets and other flammable, ductile items as well as reducing core temperatures.

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