The lightweight combustible surfaces of the new new Next Gen cars have been catching fire due to reduced clearances, substrates used in the build and car design.


Temprotex F1ER is the only SFI-approved flexible ignition barrier on composites to be utilised as part of the new rule change. Applied via airless spray, it achieves a complete ignition and flame spread barrier on the coated surfaces.


Allows lightweight composites to be retained in the car design whilst eliminating ignition source and flare-ups on the coated surface. Temprotex F1ER is a cost-effective, fire extinguishing, vibration resistant, efficient solution. Protecting drivers and their vehicles from fire.


Temprotex® F1ER

Temprotex® F1ER is a high-performance water-based, fast-drying, sprayable coating for use on car and truck bodies, plastic/composite panels, engine parts, flexible lines and hoses, HDEP, GRP, fibreglass, carbon fibre and almost any other composite surface.

Heat insulating, vibration resistant, ductile, waterproof, nonflammable intumescent coating. Creates an ignition barrier on thermosets and other flammable, ductile items as well as reducing core temperatures.

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