The solution needed to be highly flexible, vibration resistant, able to withstand tough environments and provide a high level ignition barrier protection to the surface.


Temprotex F1ER is the only system that meets all these requirements as well as being the only SFI-approved ignition barrier intumescent coating for plastics and composite materials. The system is being spray applied to the bonnets as part of the truck builds. The extreme exterior performance and high levels of adhesion and flexibility on these surfaces create a truly class-leading ignition barrier technology in this space.


Surfaces can be easily treated with the Temprotex F1ER offering the ideal solution to meet all the client’s needs. An additional benefit of this system at higher builds is the sound deadening application as well as ignition barrier.


Temprotex® F1ER

Temprotex® F1ER is a high-performance water-based, fast-drying, sprayable coating for use on car and truck bodies, plastic/composite panels, engine parts, flexible lines and hoses, HDEP, GRP, fibreglass, carbon fibre and almost any other composite surface.

Heat insulating, vibration resistant, ductile, waterproof, nonflammable intumescent coating. Creates an ignition barrier on thermosets and other flammable, ductile items as well as reducing core temperatures.

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